Reflex Flops

Pamper Your Feet

Restore Balance

What are Reflex Flops?

They are unique flip flops made from eco friendly EVA foam which makes them soft, yet firm for perfect shock absorption. They massage your feet while stimulating nerves and improving circulation. They relieve tension to pressure points on the sole of each foot that radiates throughout your entire body as you walk using reflexology technology.

What is reflexology?

A practice founded in the tradition of ancient Chinese medicine. The application of appropriate pressure to specific points/areas of the feet, hands, or ears. Reflexologists believe that these points in specific areas correspond to to every organ & system in the body. This process can help improve circulation, relieves the symptoms of ailments, reduces stress & tension, accelerate metabolism, and revitalize energy levels.


I suffer from plantar fasciitis and a heel spur which make walking or standing for any period of time very painful. From the first time I walked in Reflex Flops I could feel relief. They massage my feet as I walk- I recently walked 30 gates in the airport with my Reflex Flops on and did not have to stop to massage my feet. I keep a pair by my bed, in my car, and at my office.

J. Brown

Reflex Flops are fun to wear! They make my feet feel happy after dance class...#ShoeYoga

Adina GS.

My Reflex Flops are super cute & super comfortable. They provide my feet comfort & support when I wear them. They've easily become my faves!!

Minah J.

OMG! These are the most comfortable flip flops I have EVER owned ! I highly Reccommend them!

Sumah M.