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J. Brown

I suffer from plantar fasciitis and a heel spur which make walking or standing for any period of time very painful. From the first time I walked in Reflex Flops I could feel relief. They massage my feet as I walk- I recently walked 30 gates in the airport with my Reflex Flops on and did not have to stop to massage my feet. I keep a pair by my bed, in my car, and at my office.

Adrina GS.

Reflex Flops are fun to wear! They make my feet feel happy after dance class...#ShoeYoga

Minah J.

My Reflex Flops are super cute & super comfortable. They provide my feet comfort & support when I wear them. They've easily become my faves!!

Sumah M.

OMG! These are the most comfortable flip flops I have EVER owned ! I highly Reccommend them!